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Midnite’s Journey

A Day In The Park
May 8, 2014
Midnite’s Journey II
February 23, 2021

Midnite's Journey

One Mans Improbable Voyage
Through America's Reality

F ollow Midnite, the genius activist-musician whose mis-adventures, during a dangerous and turbulent time in America's history, lead the reader on a journey of death, slavery, music, corruption and romance. Standing up for justice, while seeking enlightenment,takes Midnite on a dark and foreboding journey. These unimaginable events will both surprise the reader and awaken hope in America's democracy........ or will it?

Now published in 60 countries!


  • Donna Rossetti
    Looking forward to the sequel. Good read!!!
    Donna Rossetti
  • kimmyschemy06
    An inspiring fiction based on true facts. The main themes include racism and prejudice, but the story also highlights love, friendship, passion, honor, integrity, corruption, cruelty and abuse. It features both endearing and despicable characters. I love how the author emphasizes the beauty of friendship and the difference little acts of kindness can do to a person. Midnite is one unforgettable character with his passion for music, loyalty to his friends and unwavering determination to see that justice is served. Moreover, the book reveals shocking and overwhelming events in American History.
  • Cynthia Newhart
    Great read!
    Cynthia Newhart
  • Dane
    Very intriguing story with an interesting approach to storytelling . A must read for everyone!
  • Janice
    I was hooked from the beginning to the end! Can't wait to read the next book! Great reading & characters!
  • Jazmine Silkiss
    Anyway it was a very well written story, I can relate to the emotions of the character. I am sad though, that I finished the story already but it's that GOOD. A must read!!!!!
    Jazmine Silkiss