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Lookin’ at the World

Lookin’ at the World
May 22, 2013
I Am
May 1, 2014

I looked over at the world
And saw it dirty and soiled

Tried to leave, damn, had to come back
Flew out of my mind, cause of the lack

Saw to my dismay
She really had gone so far away

Even past the outer perimeter
Which was the last place we had beat her

My friend…… I saw, finally he came by
He, too, wanted to realize the way to fly

First he asked me how I’d been
Then he got mad, ‘cause I said “with-in”
Fell away and then apart
Words crossed, dusted away, finally we took them
In the cosmic cart

Which really wasn’t any faster
But we did have to make the impression
So we’d outlast her
Shattered the expression as I thought
Where I had begun is where I had endlessly sought!