Let’s Be Real

Dum De Dum De Dum
May 4, 2014
Crying For A Name
May 6, 2014

Day after day we see news feeds depicting one debacle after another. “News” which is comprised of gossip, innuendo and whatever our manipulative government deems the people will need to keep their thoughts on meaningless trivia, instead of what’s really important TO US, as a society. You know, our health, taxes, educational priorities, etc., etc.

S ociety is being reduced to an illiterate mass, a nation divided and out of control. Our news organizations, media outlets and Internet are, or will soon be, controlled by a few. Our government is slowly gearing itself for total control of our citizens. (Net Neutrality) No matter which side of the aisle you support, WAKE-UP! “Breaking News” is more like Breaking Wind. The Echo campaign is in full force. How, you ask? Switch any news channels and the reporters are mouthing, word for word, the exact same verbiage about any chosen event.

Unfortunately, we, as a nation, focus on untrustworthy events, such as what our seemingly stupid, but actually coercive, president tweets about, or what he likes to eat. Instead, we should be delving behind the scenes of our government to see what is truly happening. Many of our programs and agencies are being dismantled. Our rights are being eroded, while America’s citizens divide ourselves by race, religion, economics, or whatever the choice is for the day.

Many, many people have lost the ability of critical analysis. When I listen to different segments of the political aisle mindlessly mouth what I've heard myriad people mouth before them I get sad instead of angry. Sad because they rarely back up their parroting with actual facts. They merely repeat sound bites that they've heard before. No intelligent research was done, no checking of the facts, no real thought or effort was put into their views. “I hate Hillary, I hate Trump, I’ll vote for Trump because Bernie’s not running.” Really, even though their views are light years apart. Really! What minutia of the mind could bring that to fruition?

Our Judicial system has become a political propagandist tool for our government. The side in power manipulates the system to conform to its objectives. Unconstitutional laws are being allowed to be implemented because chosen judges agreed to terms and ideologue views inherent to the people in power. Politics before constitution.

Racism is not “on the rise” it’s merely not hidden because the proponents of racism are now feeling emboldened by their leader. Educational institutions are being ‘dumbed down’ as our population is becoming less and less informed. Many countries don’t charge their citizens to be educated. In America it would seem as though, with few exceptions, only those that can afford an education are being educated in our universities.

Then we have the obscenity of our health system. Pharmaceutical companies charge outrageous prices for our medications, health care for the elderly is a national disgrace. Many senior citizens have to give their hard earned wealth to the privatized senior facilities. Simply put, if they have no wealth they have no care. Our foods are tainted with petroleum based ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, food dyes and other assorted negative and unhealthy derivatives. Our population’s obesity rates are dis-proportionate to what should be the general populations healthy norms.

America is in trouble!