Dum De Dum De Dum

Inside the womb
May 4, 2014
Let’s Be Real
May 5, 2014

Dum De Dum De Dum; Get out from under the thumb
Let no-one know you’re so fuckin’ dumb!
Dum De Dum De Dum: Procrastination, Masturbation, Discrimination
So Delicious, Malnutritious, Suckulicious
Buy your fate, get up late, pretty for your date,
Ah, but you’re the bait!
Believe the Prez? You know what he says, while he smiles and takes
Your fate and laughs at what you was
Dum De Dum De Dum …. You’re so
Dum De Dum De Dum
Changing world, out of control
Like a herd of sheep, flocking up
With a Baa Baa here and a Baa Baa there
Going through life, saying “Where the fuck are we dear?”
Is life just too much, or you just can’t see?
So out of touch with hand-slapping Reality
Look at our world; Proud of what you see?
Dum De Dum De Dum!!!!