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Crying For A Name

Let’s Be Real
May 5, 2014
America’s In Trouble
May 7, 2014

Crying For A Name

Highways left behind
Only one horizon in view

Eclipsing my dreams of happiness
Yeah, something old, something new

Oh, beauteous wonders

Crying for a name!

Amerika goes under
Fools remain the same

Creativity is a fantasy
Emerald swords cut in two

Leaving two realities
One for me, one for you

Then along comes the nightmare
Electric creations disappear

Waiting for the dawn
And my dreams to re appear

Hardened to the core
Empathies grow scarce

As the universe revolves
So does humanity pass?

The witch of time flies on!

Times change/remain the same
We’ve already lost what was gained

Magnetic personalities
The Creator’s plan
Intelligence is lost
On the ignorance of man!