Dana Silkiss

I have spent my journey through life in America fighting injustices, gaining knowledge of our many Indigenous cultures and devoting myself to inspiring others to do the same. I am a firm believer that knowledge begets wisdom, thus opening other-wise closed minds.

Midnite’s Journey was conceived of shortly after my abduction. However, I only recently wrote and published my story to finally rid myself of my many years of having to keep this part of my life a secret and, of course, all the legal ramifications.

My personal therapy!
Traveling throughout most of the United States, as well as many other countries, has proven to me that the population of each country is not the issue, people are most welcoming if one merely gives respect and understanding. It is the corruption of their governments coupled with their personal agendas, not the welfare of the citizens, that are the profoundly disturbing causes of concern.

I have lived a most rewarding creative life. My achievements have bestowed upon me knowledge, musical acclaim, successful business ventures, an ability to communicate well and the capability to understand the many symbiotic relationships of all living beings and those afforded us by nature.