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America’s In Trouble

Crying For A Name
May 6, 2014
A Day In The Park
May 8, 2014

Many people say our government is dysfunctional. (As are most families in our country) Our president and his ilk are the cumulative result of our nation’s and its people’s (camouflaged) policies. Of course, many of these policies are not disguised, people are just too enamored with their personal propaganda beliefs to utilize any critical analysis of what they have heard from their preferred news outlets. They merely parrot the chosen sound bytes thrown out into the media on whatever current “echo-campaign” has been chosen. Once the campaign is over those thoughts rapidly leave the masses thoughts, soon to be replaced by another mindless set of “facts.” The power brokers are making sure they will hold onto their power base, fueled by ignorance and division of this nation’s citizens.

W hile most people are drawn into the intentional political dramas of the day, the events behind the scenes are what one should be observing. Agencies are systematically being dismantled, land from our reserves, Native people’s lands and National Parks are being carved up for O & G companies’ needs. Civil rights are being eroded as past and especially the present administration continues to use not only our court systems but the judiciary process to narrow civil rights laws and protections complete with rapidly narrowing repeal remedies used for legal redress, while the tools of the executive branch allow civil rights enforcement to atrophy. Our system of checks and balances is rapidly disappearing.

Racism is not “on the rise” it’s merely not hidden because the proponents of racism are now feeling emboldened by their leader. Educational institutions are being ‘dumbed down’ as our population is becoming less and less informed. Many countries don’t charge their citizens to be educated. In America it would seem as though, with few exceptions, only those that can afford an education are being educated in our universities.

Then we have the obscenity of our health system. Pharmaceutical companies charge outrageous prices for our medications, health care for the elderly is a national disgrace. Many senior citizens have to give their hard earned wealth to the privatized senior facilities. Simply put, if they have no wealth they have no care. Our foods are tainted with petroleum based ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, food dyes and other assorted negative and unhealthy derivatives. Our population’s obesity rates are dis-proportionate to what should be the general populations healthy norms.

How do you feel we can overcome the myriad problems that face our nation?