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I Am

Lookin’ at the World
April 30, 2014
To All of You!
May 3, 2014

I created your God
So you could have faith
And showed him how to make the moon
Whose beams you ride to the sun
Whose essence is your very life
and fills you with a warmth in which to enjoy
Because I Am

I created the rainbow
So you could see there is beauty
At the end of your storm
(Which produces Hope)

I gave you a new Earth
So you could see purity in its complex form
And I gave you a new birth
So you could look back at the sands of time.
Because I Am

I have given you time
For you to realize more and be made aware of how little you know

You even have emotions
Which still own your soul
And I gave you a mind, which even now, controls you
“Cause you have not yet known the secret of love
Because I Am
I gave you the sweet nectar of fruit
And the beauty essence of flowers
Ha……and look at you now!

I created animals, so you could see
The inner beauty, which is me

The brotherhood you never knew
And the unselfish love you threw away is also mine

I created Trane and the beauty of Bird
But you don’t even see Jimi in his flight

I gave you hardships, so you would know
The struggles you will have after the fight

Think of the one you love, right now
Cast aside all else
I have created that magic moment
Because I am the beauty of life;