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A Day In The Park

America’s In Trouble
May 7, 2014
Midnite’s Journey
July 6, 2016

A Day In The Park

And then I walked up to that lady
Whose loveliness gave my heart
A start!

And said, “Let’s take a walk in the park
The sun’s going down and it’s gettin’ dark
The rainbow colors show off all their hues

Then I noticed she started to quiver
I touched her arm and said, “You’re not cold.
Why do you shiver?”

She looked up with a sad expression and asked
If I’d ever seen a dream come alive?

Before I had time to answer, tiny droplets
Formed in her eyes.

The most beautiful thoughts erupted
In my mind

As I saw my Angel I thought I’d never find
Light years of love came to us; together
In that lovely park

And all that happened in the few minutes
Before it got dark

My dream came true and I knew
Why true love comes to so few

The sun was goin’ down and I noticed
The moon’s eerie glow

As she started to cry and look into me
(beyond me) she seemed to know
Just how long eternity’s love would last

Suddenly, thousands of colors exploded
Around her head
And I saw my love, my freedom, my life (in her)
And then she was dead!